Sustainable Business Strategy

InnovaStrat works with chief sustainability officers (CSOs), VPs of business strategy, and other executives to integrate sustainability strategy and practices into their business strategies and practices.

Sustainable Business Vision: We work with key stakeholders to identify a shared sustainability vision for the enterprise or business unit that reinforces its competitive strengths and has buy-in with senior executives.

Sustainable Business Strategy: Our frameworks and methods, such as a sustainability lens, help rapidly develop a sustainable business strategy and strategic plan that reinforces corporate or business unit strategies and plans.

Strategy Implementation: We can oversee implementation of strategies to ensure that tangible business results are obtained, as well as manage key pilots and implementations to enable scaling throughout the business.

Case Study: Iconic Automotive Company

Engagement: Help the head of business strategy develop a sustainability vision and sustainability strategy that integrated with the business strategy.


  • Customized workshops with C-level executives, VPs, and directors of business units to develop sustainability purpose and vision
  • Consulting engagement with head of corporate strategy to develop a sustainability strategy and strategic plan for implementing sustainability
  • Pilot with a key business unit to develop sustainability vision and principles for everyday work


  • Obtained buy-in from senior business executives and directors for sustainability purpose and vision
  • Helped develop sustainability lens, principles, vision, and sustainability strategy plan that was approved by Board of Directors
  • Identified specific areas where sustainability-based business opportunities could be implemented, e.g., waste reduction, new products, supply chain refinements
  • Sustainability lens integrated into work unit planning and project evaluation of all corporate initiatives