Business Model Renewal

InnovaStrat’s business model renewal offerings enable companies to redesign their business models for the future and to implement these changes rapidly and systematically, without the huge upfront consulting investments typically needed to do so.

We do this by consolidating our world-recognized capabilities in sustainable business innovation, strategy, growth and collaboration into an assessment of where and how to modify your business model in order to thrive in the future.


Our Motivation

For the past ten years, we have provided strategy consulting and research services to Fortune 500 companies in the areas of emerging technologies, sustainable innovations, emerging business strategies, sustainable growth, and sustainable collaboration.

Our frameworks and methodologies are recognized by world-leading business journals such as the Harvard Business Review, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, and consortia such as the Corporate Eco Forum and the Natural Capital Coalition.

We combine these services into business model assessments that enable Fortune 1000 companies to thrive in the future with business models that continue to be relevant.

Our Business Model Renewal Offerings